We are Egyptian group of companies which was founded in 1992. The group gone multi since 2000 trading across  the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Our group industries ranges from pharmaceuticals, electronics to commodities like Egyptian cotton. Our expertise in both both the medical and electronic fields alongside our proven track record of success in import and exporting makes us well versed in deploying the best marketing across our trading area in order to make any strong product a success.

Considering that we have the top Egyptians medics, professors and consultants that are specialized in fields, like G.I.T and Bariatric procedures, who’s expertise in training, development technical know how on procedures knowledge is delivered by them across the Middle East.

Our Mission

Develop concepts and innovative solutions for health with high quality, providing safety and affordability to patients, doctor and medical institutes.

Our Vision

Be recognized as the most innovative and qualified medical related products company in Egypt and MEA.


Dedicated professional team to help you in product selection and after sales services.


Valuing the very precise details of every product we supply.


The excellent quality of our products is guaranteed. All products have the CE mark.